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In brief

FrostPharma in brief

FrostPharma is a highly specialized company within the Nordic health care sector, focusing on the commercialization of innovative treatments to serve unmet medical needs. Our business is primarily based on partnerships and close collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and med tech companies with ambitions to sell and market their products in the Nordic countries, but lack own representation on site.

TwinPharma in brief

TwinPharma is a pharmaceutical company with a very experienced board. We offer you the opportunity to introduce your pharmaceuticals successfully in the Benelux. We also offer you the skills to communicate efficiently with prescribers and patients on your medicine, so the right patient will be treated with your product. That, as it happens, is the guarantee to develop the success of your product.

For more information on the separate companies you can go to www.frostpharma.se and www.twinpharma.com.