50ME is looking
for Pharmaceuticals
with a ‘Plus’
Are you Looking for marketing and sales support for your pharmaceuticals in Europe?
The big 5 European countries have been covered: what next?
50ME alliance reaches out to more than 50 million Europeans in 8 countries
Interested in the 50ME alliance: contact us at info@twinpharma.com
50ME alliance: 1 single contact for more than 50 million Europeans!

50ME as your Partner

  • As your local marketing and sales team we take on full responsibility for marketing and sales at the agreed market. We are experts in tenders.
  • We arrange and administer the chain of logistics - from storage to distribution to hospitals, pharmacies and patients - if so requested.
  • We can also offer registration and reimbursement services through highly specialized partner-companies.

FrostPharma and TwinPharma: 50ME alliance

Our combined areas of expertise include pharmaceuticals as well as medical technology. We offer a high level of competence and market knowledge within a wide range of medical areas such as oncology, immunology, diabetes, haematology, urology, hepatology, transplant, gynaecology and others.

Which medicines are we searching for?

We strive to put pharmaceuticals on the market that up to now were not available in the Benelux and/or Nordic region of Europe. Medicines with added value for the patient AND the treating physician. Pharmaceuticals with a “plus”.

We focus on searching for pharmaceuticals for specialist disorders in the hospital and concentrate in particular on niche indications.

The combination of FrostPharma and TwinPharma offers you a single point of contact for 7 European countries and the force of 2 dedicated and experienced marketing and sales companies!